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In this article I’m trying to anticipate the evolution of End-to-End (E2E) testing in the near future.

There is a lot of info about E2E testing, for example, this one.

The plan for the article:

1. What do we want from E2E testing?
2. E2E testing outcome
3. Current situation with E2E testing
4. Problems we have now with E2E testing
5. One ideal solution
6. The ideal solution outcome
7. Virtual users solution
8. Would the outcome be the same as in the ideal solution?
9. Some words about the design and implementation of the virtual users
10. Summary

What do we want from E2E testing?

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Sorry for the clickbait title of the article, I’m experimenting with different styles… But I’d like to not disappoint you and will provide all those 3 things :)

What is an exception?

There are two types of exception definition:

  1. An exception is an inability of an operation to fulfill its contract
  2. An exception is an unexpected behavior

It seems that the first definition can include the second one as the unexpected behavior can be one of the reasons why the operation couldn’t fulfill its contract. …

There are a lot of articles about different architecture patterns for mobile applications which try to convince you that this or that architecture pattern is the best one. Sure thing, we all know that there is no a silver bullet… unfortunately. However, it’s a very good exercise to compare the most popular mobile architecture patterns (MVC, MVP, MVVM, VIPER, Riblets and Redux) and find out:

  • what we can learn from them,
  • how they can help us to design our app architecture.

Multitier architecture

In order to compare the above mentioned architecture patterns we need a baseline. I chose the multitier (actually 5…

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At some point of your career you may feel that you can’t go any further. It looks like you’ve already advanced yourself as a developer, you know how to code properly, you know how to collaborate with your team using git, Jira and other tools and technics, you know how CI/CD works and, if you’re lucky to work in a mature company, you write unit and UI tests and know why you need them.

However you’ve been already doing that for a year or two and it seems like you’re not moving forward anymore. Some questions that are coming to…

  1. Purpose
  2. How mobile system design interview usually looks like
  3. Common recommendations
  4. Proposed interview answer plan
  • Business idea
  • Requirements clarification
  • Mathematical model design (if needed)
  • High level system design
  • API design
  • High level client side design
  • Detailed design of some modules
  • One complex case and detailed discussion

5. Summary

6. References


Being the mobile developer you may know that it’s a problem to find any preparation materials for mobile system design interview. There are plenty of videos about backend system design interviews and just few of them about mobile one. The same situation is with the articles, one can find a…

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